Our surface technology for a perfect appearance - industrial coatings made to measure

The more perfect the surface of your product, the better is the first impression the customer receives - and this can be important regarding the purchase decision!

An optimal surface treatment offers a best possible design and a reliable protection against chemicals, dirt, moisture, weather and thermical and mechanical influences and it improves the properties of the coated substrates.

Possibilities in our surface technology:

  • Partial cleaning and pretreatment
  • Filling and grinding
  • Painting and Powder-coating
  • Printing (selective and complete)
  • Glass bead blasting
  • decorative grinding and brushing
  • Sheet and pad printing
  • Digital printing
  • Laser engraving and inscription
  • Coatings in RAL, HKS, Pantone and NCS color space, as well as to model

Functional coatings:

and some more.

Take advantage of our 47 years old know-how in this area and profit from our varied possibilities of combinations. We finish your products visually, fundtionally and ergonomically. 


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