EMC/ESD coating

EMC-coated enclosure

Untreated plastic enclosures provide only little or no protection at all against EMI (electromagnetic interference) and ESD (electrostatic discharge). By applying conductive coatings, a complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can be achieved.

These coatings are used especially for electronic equipment (computer with periphery, medical and technical devices, measurement and control technology etc.). The applicable products can be based on copper, nickel, graphite or silver. Peferably an UL-listed EMI conductive lacquer, having very good dampening properties and ensuring a high electromagnetic absorption across a wide frequency range, is applied.

Surface resistivity 0,1 - 0,3 ohm/square
Damping 30 MHz 100 MHz 300 MHz 1000 MHz
  87 dB 88 dB 84 dB 36 dB
Dynamic range 117 dB 120 dB 120 dB 120 dB
Working temperature -40° C up to +60° C
Storage temperature up to 80° C
(depending on the thermal stability of the plastic)

The test was made according to the temporary ASTM ESF-83 (CLOSED BOX METHOD) and was carried out by an independent testing laboratory. Our information is provided to the best of our knowledge, but do not release the customer from proofing project-relatedly the suitability for the intended working area. We reserve technical modifications for ourselves without prior notice. Any liability in conjunction with technical advice is excluded. Copyright acc. to DIM16016

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