Medical surfaces

The medical field, but also the food, clean-room and pharmaceutical industry require high hygienic standards. 

To support you in this sensitive environment, we offer you a special medical coating for versatile substrates such as steel sheet, aluminum, plastic and cast.

medical surfaces

Our coating is characterized by:

  • Resistance against disinfectants
  • Resistance against chemicals and corrosion
  • Abrasion-resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Scratch resistance


Keyboard with medical surface

These advantages make our coating your first choice for surfaces that are exposed to daily use and that have to meet a high medical standard, especially regarding the disinfectability.

Our coating supports you in the hygienic handling of your surfaces and ensures thereby a responsible handling in areas, where a lot of attention must be paid to human health.

Additionally to this medical coating we can equip all surfaces with an EMC-ESD-coating. This option enables especially plastic enclosures a reliable protection against electromagnetic interferences and electrostatic discharges. Together they create the perfect standard in terms of security and hygiene in medical areas. 
Suitable application areas are:

  • Medicine and dental devices
  • Laboratory apparatus
  • Hospital technology
  • Food industry
  • Work surfaces
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