OptiHapt® - Soft Touch-Finishing

A great view for your sense of touch.

Under the registered brand name OptiHapt® WÖHR offers a soft touch-finishing for its enclosure surfaces. As a result of this coating a rubberlike enclosure surface is created, which provides a very comfortable haptic while using.


Thanks to our special soft touch-finishing, also hard and stiff enclosure materials like plastic and metal can get a warm, leather-like and soft surface structure that can convey a feeling up to silky smooth skin, aligned on your individual needs.

Enclosure with OptiHapt® - Soft Touch-Finishing

This type of surface coating is not limited to the enclosure materials at WÖHR.

For our foil keyboards we also offer the OptiHapt® - soft touch-finishing. By doing that we convey your foil keyboard the special soft touch-effect for a comfortable feeling while using your customized enclosure application.

Complete enclosure application with foil keyboard - both with OptiHapt® - Soft Touch-Finishing


Of course, WÖHR manufactures all from one hand for you. Enclosure and foil keyboard with OptiHapt® - soft touch-finishing for a uniform and continuous pleasant surface feel.

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