Powder coating

Powder coating

Powder coating basically is worked with thermosetting plastic powder, which is applied electrostatically. To this, the workpiece must be electrically conductive and grounded. In the main steel, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized work pieces are powder coated. Hereby, the powder is charged with 60-95 kV when it is escaping from the coating gun and then remains attached at the grounded work piece. After applying the powder the work piece is brought into a furnace, to melt the powder with up to 180°C. So, the work piece that has to be coated must also be thermally insensitive.

Powder coatings are solvent-free and therefore very eco-friendly, because during the drying process no solvent can evaporate, damaging the environment, and water and ground aren't contaminated at all. The melted plastic offers a highly-qualified protective layer against corrosion and weather and is resistant against a lot of chemicals.

Due to the composition of the powder a high layer thickness, a high abrasion and scratching resistance, a high impact strength and a variable degree of gloss can be achieved.

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