Laser marking of plastic enclosures

Laser marking, for example of enclosures, occurs contactless, with high speed and a very good reproducibility. The engraving is characterized especially by a high abrasion and chemical resistance because the basic material is changed up to a depth of 200µm.

Whereas plastic, when marking, evaporates partly and leaves behind a deepening, further effects can be achieved when marking other plastics: foaming up and color change. When fusing locally the plastic gas bubbles are formed that cause the foaming up and that are enclosed in the material when it cools down, so that the marking isn't deepened but raised. The optical properties of the existing pigments are changed by the energy of the laser beam, the surface remains nearly undamaged. The contour sharpness and the contrast practically are often improved by addition of laser-sensitive pigments to the plastic granulate. The technology is suited especially for marking top-hat rail housings as an alterntive to foil marking, which is very sensitive to exterior influences. Additionally, laser marking can also be carried out at hardly accessible points.

During the laser engraving the marking gets a grey-black color because of the chemical transformation process. In so far the color is predetermined or limited because no color pigments can be externally added.


Laser engraving/ inscription of stainless steel keyboards

By means of our laser inscription device customer's desires regarding design and technical markings can be fulfilled individually. By means of laser engraving abrasion-resistant markings are made quickly, sharply contoured and precisely on stainless steel, painted metal, anodized aluminium, wood, glass, acrylic glass and plexiglas, laminate-based plastics, vinyl or paper and cardboard. The maximum size of the part to be marked is 600x400x100mm.

This laser technology enables a contactless inscription with markings also on inaccessible places.The procedure is free of chemicals and environmentally friendly and applicable on hard and uneven surfaces, too. The costs stay manageable also in the event of small quantities, even in case of variable print data sets within a production series (continuous serial number, bar codes in case of unique programming). A laser inscription of stainless steel buttons (our picture), that are completely produced in the house of Wöhr, gives your input system a durable, weather and abrasion-restistant surface. 

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