Under eloxal printing

"Eloxal" is the abbreviation of electrolytically oxidized aluminum.

In this printing process an anodized (electrolytically oxidized) aluminum surface with open pores (not compressed) is printed by a special screen printing process. The ink is embedded in these pores of the anodized layer and colors the layer on the printed areas. After being printed the parts must be compressed to embed the dyes corrosion-resistantly in the layer. This happens in a 97° C hot water bath to which special salts are added.

The difference to usual printing processes is that the color doesn't remain on the surface of the material but penetrates into it. In this way the print is protected against scratches, weather and other traces of usage and remains intact for a long time. That's why this procedure proves its worth especially when producing signs that are installed outside and in terms of industrial marking - especially of front panel production. For under eloxal printing are used specially treated aluminium plates as well as inks that are especially produced for this. 

Under eloxal printing
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