Water transfer printing

Different decors (right). Detailed view enclosure with foliage (top)
Different decors (right). Detailed view enclosure with foliage (top)
Enclosures with differents decors in water transfer printing

Water transfer printing is an immersion bath procedure in which usual surfaces are finished with extraordinary decors. This procedure can be applied on nearly any desired shaped object and on a plenty of materials (e.g. plastic, wood, steel, aluminum etc.), even on complexe three-dimensional parts. After a pretreatment, the parts to be coated are immersed into a in water solved and at the surface swimming foil film. The decor of the foil applies itself due to the natural pressure of the water everywhere evenly and creates so the desired pattern. After drying the parts are sealed and polished with a high-quality two-components clear lacquer to protect the water transfer print. The advantage of this procedure is that even those points that can't or can only hardly be reached with usual coating methods, are reached. The liquid decor film encloses the object completely. In this way an even and seamless coating is achieved. An advantage in comparison with usual foils such as carbon foil, wooden foil etc., that have to be glued: edges, angles and uneven places can be finished as even as plane surfaces.

In addition to that, water transfer printing is very durable and resistant and much cheaper than parts made of massive genuine carbon because only the surface is coated. A list of the available decors (at the bottom a few of several hundred decors) as well as the prices (deliverable from 1 unit) are available on request.

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