Projects industrial coatings

Bicycle frames

  • powder-coated
  • pure white RAL 9010

Parts for fitness equipment

  • white powdercoated
  • assembled

Enclosure for medical/laboratory technology made of PU foam

Plastic cover for musical instrument

Plastic front panels for medical technology

  • painted with chemically resistant lacquer
  • printed on sloped structured surface

Heat sink for power supply unit

EMC and ESD coating, electrically conductive chromated

Plastic cover for electronics housing:

Information and pictures
you can find here ->

Plastic cover for radiation gauge:

Information and pictures
you can find here ->

Powder coated terminal back wall

  • Special print in deepening
  • Print despite protruding threaded bolt

Stove-enamel, powder-coating

Plug connector

  • Visible sides and edges stove enamelled RAL 9005
  • Contact sides and insides unpainted

Connector housing in die cast technique

  • Customer specificly lacquered or powder coated
  • Compliance of lacquer-free areas
  • Incl. yellow point in deepening

Connector housing in die cast technique

Further information and pictures
you can find here ->

Cover made of poylpropylene

  • Masking
  • Special pretreatment
    (low-energy surface!)
  • Lacquering selectively in medical white

Front panel:

  • Visible sides and edges stove enamelld
    RAL 7016 fine structure
  • Rear side and thread unpainted

Aluminium-extruded section

  • chromated and selectively lacquered
    acc. to customer's specification

Painting, Printing

Side plate for profile enclosures

  • made of aluminum
  • incl. breakthroughs and depressions
  • yellow chromated and selectively black powder coated
  • Special feature: cut edges chromated

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