Grinding and brushing

We apply both hand- and machine-operated polishing processes. The polishing serves for different purposes: one the one hand for finishing a previous smoothing or welding process, and on the other hand for deburring edges or refining the surface structure to receive a matt or shiny finish.

When it comes to the polishing of easily combustible/explosive materials, we have a solution at our disposal thanks to our wet exhaust system, which ensures not only a high separation efficiency, but also the compliance with the TA Luft- and BG-regulations (technical guideline for the prevention of air pollution and guidelines for preventing hazards from dust explosions in grinding processes).


By grinding the raw state of the parts to be painted can be optimized by:

  • achieving metalically pure surfaces
  • removing rolling skin, scale, corrosion etc.
  • removing macro-roughnesses, notches, grooves and other defects
  • smoothing contours.
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